Paying Rent

There are four accepted payments for your rent. The first three - Cash(1), Check(2), and Money Order(3), must be paid directly to our office or use the mail service. Our fourth and most recent method lets to you pay at your local 7-11, provided you get the UPC code from our office (*7-11 charges a service fee*) . Contact Us for more information regarding this method of payment. Keystone Real Estate does not accept digital payments such as Visa, Master Card, or online services like PayPal to receive rent payments.
To pay your rent please include the following:
  • Rental address (i.e. 1234 Main street #9 Springfield, Or 97477).
  • Your full name, phone number(s) to contact you if we have questions.
  • Using first class mail send checks, money orders, or cashiers check to:
    Keystone Real Estate
    1501 North 18th Suite 100
    Springfield, Oregon 97477
    9:30am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday
  • To pay in cash you MUST come to the office in Springfield. Cash payments need to have exact change or we will apply a credit to your next month(s) rent / fees / outstanding charges. Check our office hours before making that trip across town.